Welcome to SSBM Consulting LLC, an established income tax representation firm made up of Tax Professionals who thrive to create a family yet professional atmosphere for our clients. We deal with all issues that pertain to individuals and small businesses who are looking for guidance, education, and assistance in regards to their tax situations with the IRS.

OUR MISSION Our mission is to take the anxiety out of your tax process and guide you on keeping more money in your pocket!


5 reasons to work with a tax professional 

  • Tax professionals are just that, professionals, and that means they know their stuff. Tax professionals are familiar with tax returns and are well versed in current tax law.
  • A tax preparation service can save you a lot of time and effort. – A tax professional can remove the stress and time constraint that preparing a tax return properly can entail.
  • Avoid costly mistakes on your returns. – Professional tax preparation service groups can help you avoid tax errors and help should the IRS choose to audit your returns
  • A tax professional can help you should you be audited. – Audits are never pleasant, and they can cause great stress to individuals who’ve prepared their returns on their own. Should you be audited after working with a tax professional, they will be there to help you with the audit process.
  • Tax professionals are a great resource year round. – Tax problems can pop up at any time throughout the year. By hiring a tax professional to prepare your returns, you have help should you have tax questions throughout the year.